An introduction to Flux v2

If you have read my blog and watched my Youtube channel, you know I have worked with Flux in the past. Flux, by weaveworks, is a GitOps Kubernetes Operator that ensures that your cluster state matches the desired state described in a git repository. There are other solutions as well, such as Argo CD. With … Continue reading “An introduction to Flux v2”

From MQTT to InfluxDB with Dapr

In a previous post, we looked at using the Dapr InfluxDB component to write data to InfluxDB Cloud. In this post, we will take a look at reading data from an MQTT topic and storing it in InfluxDB. We will use Dapr 0.10, which includes both components. To get up to speed with Dapr, please … Continue reading “From MQTT to InfluxDB with Dapr”

Using the Dapr InfluxDB component

A while ago, I created a component that can write to InfluxDB 2.0 from Dapr. This component is now included in the 0.10 release. In this post, we will briefly look at how you can use it. If you do not know what Dapr is, take a look at I also have some videos … Continue reading “Using the Dapr InfluxDB component”

Kustomize and Flux

Flux has a feature called manifest generation that works together with Kustomize. Instead of just picking YAML files from a git repo and applying them, customisation is performed with the kustomize build command. The resulting YAML then gets applied to your cluster. If you don’t know how customisation works (without Flux), take a look at … Continue reading “Kustomize and Flux”

Deploy AKS with Nginx, External DNS, Helm Operator and Flux

A while ago, I blogged about an Azure YAML pipeline to deploy AKS together with Traefik. As a variation on that theme, this post talks about deploying AKS together with Nginx, External DNS, a Helm Operator and Flux CD. I blogged about Flux before if you want to know what it does. I added the … Continue reading “Deploy AKS with Nginx, External DNS, Helm Operator and Flux”

GitOps with Weaveworks Flux – Installing and Updating Applications

In a previous post, we installed Weaveworks Flux. Flux synchronizes the contents of a git repository with your Kubernetes cluster. Flux can easily be installed via a Helm chart. As an example, we installed Traefik by adding the following yaml to the synced repository: apiVersion: kind: HelmRelease metadata: name: traefik namespace: default annotations: … Continue reading “GitOps with Weaveworks Flux – Installing and Updating Applications”

GitOps with Weaveworks Flux

If you have ever deployed applications to Kubernetes or other platforms, you are probably used to the following approach: developers check in code which triggers CI (continuous integration) and eventually results in deployable artifacts a release process deploys the artifacts to one or more environments such as a development and a production environment In the … Continue reading “GitOps with Weaveworks Flux”

A look at GitHub Actions for Azure and AKS deployments

In the past, I wrote about using Azure DevOps to deploy an AKS cluster and bootstrap it with Flux v2, a GitOps solution. In an older post, I also described bootstrapping the cluster with Helm deployments from the pipeline. In this post, we will take a look at doing the above with GitHub Actions. Along … Continue reading “A look at GitHub Actions for Azure and AKS deployments”

Azure Key Vault Provider for Secrets Store CSI Driver

In the previous post, I talked about akv2k8s. akv2k8s is a Kubernetes controller that synchronizes secrets and certificates from Key Vault. Besides synchronizing to a regular secret, it can also inject secrets into pods. Instead of akv2k8s, you can also use the secrets store CSI driver with the Azure Key Vault provider. As a CSI … Continue reading “Azure Key Vault Provider for Secrets Store CSI Driver”

Deploy and bootstrap your Kubernetes cluster with Azure DevOps and GitOps

A while ago, I published a post about deploying AKS with Azure DevOps with extras like Nginx Ingress, cert-manager and several others. An Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template is used to deploy Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). The extras are installed with Helm charts and Helm installer tasks. I mainly use it for demo purposes but … Continue reading “Deploy and bootstrap your Kubernetes cluster with Azure DevOps and GitOps”